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What Are The Different Routes to Become a Teacher in India?

June 7, 2024

Teaching is a volunteering option or a great career especially in a country like India where education is the basic requirement for modernization and growth. The need will be high for certified instructors to any extent. If you have a passion for teaching and are willing to dedicate yourself to this profession, then this track might be the great fit for you. 

So, you can find out how to become a teacher in India and the certifications required to become a pre-school, kindergarten, primary, middle school, high school or higher secondary school education.

Teaching is a volunteering option or a great career especially in a country like India where education is the basic requirement for modernization and growth. The need will be high for certified instructors to any extent. If you have a passion for teaching and are willing to dedicate yourself to this profession, then this track might be the great fit for you. 

So, you can find out how to become a teacher in India and the certifications required to become a pre-school, kindergarten, primary, middle school, high school or higher secondary school education.

Different Routes to Become a Teacher in India:

Pre-School Teacher:

There is no confidentiality that working with toddlers can be extremely fun and that is why teaching is regarded as a wonderful career. The enthusiasm that toddlers bring with them will be great which makes the job more extraordinary. 

Skills Required To Become A Pre-School Teacher:


  • Toddlers can sometimes be emotional, stubborn, be loud and irrational which is when the patience of the teacher comes to play
  • A teacher should have the potential to understand the mood swings of the child and patiently make him/her learn
  • The teachers might even have to teach children through several ways for them to understand the concepts


  • The teachers need to be very creative as the toddlers can be very easily distracted
  • They should have the ability to come up with innovative and new techniques to teach children so that they grab their attention and make them engaged at all times
  • Toddlers have various skills of learning where some are attentive and some understand better through certain visuals or activities
  • So, as a teacher one needs to implement a variety of techniques to ensure the perfect flow of learning

Classroom Management:

  • Managing a classroom can be very difficult
  • The teachers should be able to tolerate toddlers, but at the same time they should not scare them as well
  • It is essential for a teacher to make a balance between being firm and having a warmth around their personalities
  • Creating an engaging, welcoming environment in which the children can learn while playing is important

Communication Skills:

  • The teachers should have excellent communication skills
  • It is necessary for them to communicate challenging concepts to toddlers in a way they understand all those very well
  • Teachers can teach lessons through rhymes, songs, or role-play
  • Communication skills can help his/her records and communicate the development of toddlers to their parents as well as the other teachers
  • Moreover, a pre-school teacher should be a brisk listener and should be able to scale the body language of the toddlers to understand their emotional conditions and thoughts

Educational Qualifications:

  • The educational qualifications on how to become a teacher in India vary from one state to the other
  • A background in education is pivotal and the right candidate for the pre-school teaching position would have taken higher education classes in the field of classroom management, child education, psychology, education and curriculum
  • Several university courses also require enthusiastic teachers to earn some proactive experiences volunteering in a daycare, classroom or in any other similar environment

Kindergarten Teacher:

If you are a person who is patient, empathetic and loves to nurture young children in the age group of 4-6 years, then being a nursery teacher will be the right career for you. There will also be several benefits of being a kindergarten teacher in India.

Steps For Becoming A Kindergarten Teacher:

Initially Looking Into The Kingdom Of Kindergarten:

  • Visiting an early year’s childcare or a kindergarten classroom is a must
  • This will give the potential of the kindergarten teacher an opportunity to talk, perceive and learn more by observing the “young minds” in action and from the sophisticated kindergarten teacher

Becoming A Certified Trained Kindergarten Teacher:

  • The basic fundamental aspect which needs to be known on how to become a teacher in India is by gaining a Diploma certification through an education program and professional teacher training
  • Developing the attitude, necessary skills, and required knowledge is recommended to facilitate and teach the learning classroom and the early year’s childcare

Selecting The Right Course And Institute:

  • The Institute selected should help both the student and teacher gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles and theoretical knowledge of education and early childhood based on child development
  • The Institute chosen should assist student-teacher to acquire the skill, attitudes, techniques and insights required to adapt the play-based “Teaching strategies” and “Active learning classrooms”

Completing The Student Teacher Requirements:

  • The portfolios are the disclosure of core competencies enhanced and developed in due course of learning by the student teacher
  • The Institute selected should encourage one or two semesters of student- teaching in the classrooms

Primary School Teacher:

Becoming a primary school teacher can be highly rewarding, but it also has certain challenges. 

Ways To Becoming A Primary School Teacher:

Deciding The Subjects Desired To Teach:

  • The primary school teachers do not need specialization in any subject
  • If they prefer to instruct in a specific field, then a Bachelor’s Degree needs to be completed in that relevant subject

Getting The Required Teaching Degree:

  • A Lot of individuals might have a doubt as to how to become a teacher in India where it requires a minimum of a Diploma (D.Ted) to become a primary school teacher
  • It is necessary to keep in mind that the individuals should have passed in 12th standard to enter into a D.Ted

Deciding Between Public And Private Education:

  • Becoming a primary school teacher at a private school will be generally easier as there are fewer necessary qualifications and several openings
  • Government-run schools require specific teacher education and eligibility testing and are much more closely regulated
  • So, the teachers can decide which sort of school they are willing to work for depending upon their convenience and skillsets

Passing A Qualifying Exam:

  • The individuals must pass the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) to get qualified to teach in some private institutions and in government-owned schools
  • The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) determines the minimum eligibility requirements for each year and offers preparatory curriculums for the exam

Middle School Teacher:

Middle school teachers are known as Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) and they teach students from 6th to 8th. 

Things Need To Be Known To Become A Middle School Teacher:

  • The middle school teachers will be responsible for developing the knowledge of the students and assist them in learning all the subjects in depth
  • Their work will be from delivering lessons in subjects such as science, social science, mathematics and languages to teaching the teenagers time management and appropriate behavior
  • The middle school teachers can pursue a Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed) for 2 years after getting graduated from a certain specialization

High School Teacher:

Many people might wonder how to become a teacher in India to start their careers. The answer depends on each one’s state requirements and educational background. So, the high school teachers should review their options with various schools.

Essential Steps Needed To Become A High School Teacher:

Deciding What You Want To Teach:

  • High school teachers need to dedicate their time to one particular subject
  • It is mandatory to select a subject which you love
  • So, you can choose the subject areas which are highly demanded across the country like Science, Math, Special education and Bilingual education

Getting Your Bachelor’s Degree:

  • You need to earn a Bachelor’s degree in the subject you would like to teach for becoming a high school teacher
  • You can speak to your academic counselors about special teaching preparation programs aimed at future educators

Taking The Appropriate Tests:

  • The high school teachers have to pass in state-mandated skills tests before they can start teaching in public schools
  • The tests vary depending upon where you live and the schools often seek that you hold a required level of general knowledge as well as the knowledge specific to your respective subjects

Considering A Master’s Degree:

  • Doing a Master’s degree is a smart move to become a high school teacher in India
  • A Master of Science or Arts in teaching program introduces you to appropriate teaching methods that will help you in shaping lesson plans for maximum impact

Higher Secondary School Teacher:

The Higher Secondary School teachers will be teaching students from class 11th to class 12th. You will be specialized in a particular subject and will be responsible for enhancing your student’s strong basic level of knowledge in that particular subject.

Tips For Becoming Higher Secondary School Teacher In India:

Taking Stream Of Your Choice:

  • You might be chaotic on how to become a teacher in India especially for Higher Secondary education which merely depends upon your specialization of the subject
  • You can choose any stream which you like so that you can join a UG course in that subject

Earning A Bachelor’s Degree In That Particular Subject:

  • You can take BCom/BSc/BA in the subject you choose
  • This is usually a 3-year course which is available in most affiliated colleges and universities in the country

Taking A Master’s Degree Similarly:

  • You can earn a Master’s degree after getting graduated in that subject
  • This is of 2-year course duration

Earning A B Ed Degree:

  • You need to get qualified in the Bachelor of Education with the subject of your choice to get qualified as a Senior Secondary School teacher
  • This is a 2-year course that includes mandatory teaching practice and can be taken up after earning a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in the subject

Taking Ph.D/MPhil:

  • Higher preferences may be given to a Ph.D/MPhil holder in the subject rather than an individual who is only post-graduated along with B.Ed in a particular subject

Teacher Eligibility Tests:

  • You may have to get qualified in teacher eligibility tests in order to become a Higher Secondary school teacher
  • This will be especially required to take up the teaching profession in government Institutions and even in certain private schools where they have this as their employment criteria

Thus, all the above are the different routes on how to become a teacher in India which can be chosen depending upon the level of education you wish to teach children.

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