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Email Format for UGC NET Exam Rescheduling Request

June 5, 2024

We (the UGC NET students) all know that the exam date for UGC NET 2024 is June 18, as recently announced by the UGC NET Body Commission. Many students are gearing up for the BIHAR STET Exam, but regrettably, the BIHAR STET exam falls on the same day. Therefore, many students are uncertain about their next steps. Which exam should I prefer first? Or do you have any other options?

Where to mail to Rescheduling UGC NET 2024 Exam

We at BSSEI always think about the students’ future and their problems, and we continuously try to help students in the best manner from our side. Amit Sir (CEO and Founder of BSSEI) today discussed what we should do.

We previously saw that UGC NET changed the exam date for the student’s convenience. So, we urge students to please come forward and send emails to the UGC NET Chairman, call the toll-free numbers, and tell them your problems. If a large number of students send emails directly or call the toll-free number, the UGC NET Department should change its decisions.

Open your Gmail account. Click the compose button > place the email ID ( in the recipient section then Copy and paste the subject line into the subject section of your email. Now Copy the full message and paste it in the email message typing section. It’s done, now change the name, your registration number, and contact number and send it directly to the chairman of the UGC NET Commission. You can also download the same format from the link below.

Subject: Request for Rescheduling UGC NET 2024 Exam Due to Clash with Bihar STET Exam
Respective Chairman,
University Grand Commission,
New Delhi, India.
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention a significant issue faced by numerous students, including myself, regarding the upcoming UGC NET 2024 exam scheduled for 18th June. This date coincides with the Bihar STET exam, making it impossible for candidates to attend both exams.
Given the importance of both exams for our academic and professional futures, I humbly request you to consider rescheduling the UGC NET exam to avoid this clash. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter would greatly benefit a large number of students.
Thank you for your attention and support.
[Your Name]
[Your UGC NET Registration Number]
[Contact Information]


  1. Ambika Mahata

    June 5, 2024

    I am very grateful, sir. You have thought so much for us, it is our extreme pleasure.

    • admin

      June 6, 2024

      Keep visiting us; we will publish more useful metrics and guidance from different mentors.

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