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Do you know Time Travel? Is It Possible?

June 7, 2024

Whenever we hear about time-traveling, our mind-pop out with the different science fiction movies like interstellar, the tomorrow war, cartoon series like Doraemon, etc. One question that constantly rings the bell in everyone’s mind. Is it possible to travel into the time?

Yes! Indeed time travel is possible, but not in the way you are thinking right now. Probably you are connecting time travel with something that transports you to blast into the past. But my friend, this is not something that fascinates numerous science fiction writers and directors who created their theories on this subject.

Do you know that we all travel in time? We travel in time at a speed of 1sec/second. There has been a long debate between many scientists and physicists over time travel for many years. A couple of decades ago, Albert Einstein was given the theory of relativity to prove that time is not constant.

In this blog, we will sink our heads into answering the exciting question of whether time travel is possible or not. So without any further delay, let’s tear into the topic.

Einstein’s Theory on Time & Space

In 1905, Albert Einstien published his renowned theory as the theory of relativity. After ten years, this theory was expanded and named the theory of special relativity.

According to Einstein, time and space are interlinked, and the universe has a specific speed limit(less than the Speed of light). The faster you travel through space, the slower you experience the time. He stated.

To prove this, scientists experimented with two clocks. Stayed one Clock on the earth and flew the second one with an airplane (in the same direction in which the earth rotates). Both clocks were set to the same time.

It was noticed that the Clock on the fast-moving airplane was slowed down to some degree to the Clock fixed on the ground at 1 second per second. Hence this theory sounds like time slows down as you accelerate faster through space.

Use of Time Calculations in Everyday Life

We use GPS satellites to figure out the accurate places or towns wherever we want to go. But do you know that the working of GPS is based on the mathematics of time travel calculation?

These GPS satellites revolve around the earth at a 14000 km per hour speed. Also, they spin thousands of kilometers above the planet. This slows down the satellite clock to the earth by a fraction of the second(Airplane example discussed above).

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the Clock in the GPS satellite experiences acceleration in time of 1 second per second to the Clock on the earth. Fortunately, our scientists maintain mathematics to correct these differences in time.

What If These Differences Would not be Calculated?

If scientists didn’t calibrate the time differences accurately, there would be severe complications because a lagging of 38 microseconds can lead to an error of 10 km in global position. This error would accelerate if the time differences were not corrected constantly.

New findings enlightened us that time dilation can provide a glimpse of the future, but we will never get the hint to visit the past.

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